Sant’Antioco consists of three beaches. The first is a small cove surrounded by two high cliffs. The beach is mainly composed of sand mixed with medium grains and pebbles. The seabed is sandy and low, the crystalline sea has a beautiful turquoise color. The second beach is located west of the Tower, it has a bed composed of dark pebbles and a sandy part, with medium-grained light sand. The sea is blue with some green tones. The third beach is the longest, it is formed largely by pebbles smoothed by the sea, always dark in color, a shallow and sandy bed, and a sea of wonderful colors of emerald green, turquoise, and blue All the beaches are sheltered from the wind currents and in the background there is thick, wild Mediterranean scrub. We also recommend this place for its stunning views that can be observed from above. Do not miss to visit the Spanish Tower overlooking the beach. Beach without services.